Narrowing devices

The narrowing devices of quick-type CM and CM-F


Designed to create a differential pressure of the gas in the pipelines to measure its consumption metering points on account of the gas in the pipelines and gas fields, compressor stations, underground gas storage, gas distribution points and other objects of the oil and gas industry.

The devices meet the requirements of GOST 8.563.1-8.563.5-2009. The diaphragm is mounted directly in the flanges, equipped with annular chambers. The values of the internal diameter of the device (D20) and aperture (d20) performed by the technical requirements of the customer.

The plant produces 8 sizes devices such as CD and 8 standard sizes such as CSS-F for installation in pipes with nominal diameters from 50 to 500 mm according to technical specifications TU U 05755855.009-2001 "Narrowing Devices" as well as the diaphragm type DB according to TU U 05755585.008-2001 "Aperture quick change."

CSS type devices are mounted on the pipe by welding, such as CM-F - via remote flanges and rings.


Parameter Value
Working pressure of the medium, MPа, more 6,3
The maximum differential pressure of the medium, MPа 0,16
Working temperature of the medium, °С from -30 to +50
Working temperature of the environment, °С from -30 to +40